Catherine Colomb's Vision of Time: In Dialogue with Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf

Directeur /trice Valérie Cossy
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s) Gilles Philippe
Résumé de la thèse My thesis reads the Swiss writer Catherine Colomb’s (1892-1965) novels along with the writings of Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf, with particular emphasis on time. It views and compares time as (a) an aesthetic element and (b) a philosophical concept. The most significant challenge, but also the privilege, of drawing parallels between the works of the writers of my choice, is pointing out the significance of Colomb’s œuvre in Twentieth century world literature next to Proust and Woolf, radical thinkers with already acknowledged status of Modernists. Reading them together not only (re)formulates C. Colomb’s thought, vocabulary and her novel’s form against wider literary geographies, but it also sheds light on the proximity of the philosophical aesthetic paradigms these writers construct their fiction on.
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